Abatan River Life Tour

firefly tour

Only minutes from the city of Tagbilaran lies a community rich with the culture and tradition of the Abatan River fisherfolk and farmers. Your journey starts at te Abatan River Visitor Centre at Cortes which showcases the five villages involved in the tour. On board a traditional banding, your guide will delight you with traditional stories and folklore of the place. Each village offers a different experience from basket weaving, boat paddling, tasty local cuisines, family adventure activities and cultural performances of river life expressed through song and dance. Whether you’ve got one hour to spare or a whole day, a choice of tours offers you the flexibility to create your own cultural experience along this beautiful river environment.

Mystical Firefly Tour

The tour starts with an early dinner. The firefly encounter starts at 6:30 in the evening. Fireflies are abundant along the Cortes-Maribojoc River where one can witness an interplay of lights produced by these tiny creatures.

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